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Bijolie interchangeable sandals were born in the12376713_976956465675937_5906510971898725913_n heart of Hollywood,CA and the name plays with the french word for pretty – “jolie”.

Bijolie gives you the power to create fun, fashionable sandals that you will love and so will your feet.

You can mix and match the strings or socks on these sandals to suit your outfit, your mood, or just because you can!Our awesome interchangeable sandal bases have an oh-so-comfy EVAfoam footbed with rubber sole. They are so easy to personalise toyour unique style – you just thread the strings through or button the socks to the 3 loops on the footbed, et voila – you can #wearthemyourway!

Bijolie make great travel companions too – no more struggling to fit shoes into your bag – just take a pair of Bijolie, along with extra pairs of strings accesories and you’re good to go!!