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Welcome in the world of light with Selene thesautoir-seville-1-600x600 goddess of the Moon and Eos the goddess of the Dawn, bringing light upon Earth and opening the door of Heaven for the Sun to shine,creating the brand Seleos.

Ludivine the creator of Seleos, discovered the brand Saoya in Le Beausset, South of France over 10 years ago.She fell in love with its elegant originality, creative versatility and intricate quality, that captivates the natural charm and appeal of every woman

Immerse yourself in the world of inspiration where each jewel is unique and has its own history, from a delicate rose to a nomad tribe,

from Art Nouveau to the jungle. Each collection with its history of poetry, charm and sophistication, taking inspiration from nature and wonders of the world, will carry you to new horizons, and allows you to wear what you feel everyday.

Welcome to Seleos world, a universe of light, enhancement and inspiration where every piece of jewelry speaks to your desires and brings you strength.

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