Sandals – Bijolie Australia

The brand was born in the heart of LA – & the name pronounced Bee Joe Lee – plays on the French word “jolie” (pretty) . When I saw them – I thought what a great idea, & what a great fit for the beach-loving, laid-back lifestyle of the sunny Gold Coast!
So what makes Bijolie sandals so different? Well, usually when you buy a pair of sandals – you have to settle for just one colour and one style right!?
Not so, with Bijolie – the 3 loop sandal bases have an EVA foam footbed & rubber-soled & are so light & comfy, you’ll almost forget you’re wearing them! You thread your choice of straps through the loops & tie them in various ways to create your sandal – & because the straps are lycra – they feel much nicer on your skin (and between your toes). Plus you can wash them just like you would a swimsuit – too easy.

You can wear your favourite colour gladiator-style one day , a braided-style in a neutral tone the next, & then change it up again & again. We even have a way to tie shorter straps, so you can just slip your Bijolie on & off . You really can #wearthemyourway – every day. Brilliant!

Creative Director
Bijolie Australia

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